So, Russia and Georgia, very complicated. First you've got to understand South Ossetia, and that's not something you're going to get without some study.  Then you've got to work your way through the worldview prisms of both Putin and Bush, another formidable chore. Throw in the oil wild card, and what it means to both countries. Divide by the meaningless term 'security' as it applies to the different nations, and then throw the whole mess on a tempting bed of American and Russian 'self interests'. What are theirs? Ha, bet you can't even answer what ours are, so left or right, you'll just have to go with your propaganda of choice.

The Ruskies are back, and all I can say for sure is that John McCain has a hard-on. (How do I know? - Let's just say I heard that Cindy was hospitalized today for a sprained wrist.)

See, John McCain knows war, and for sixty of his seventy-two years, Russia has been the villain of choice, even though we've only ever fought them by proxy. Russia is James Bond sexy, Pussy Galore, Val Kilmer, Body Snatchers sexy.

McCain fancies Batman, with the Ruskies as his Joker. Korea/(the Ruskies), they fought us to a standstill. The VietRuskieCong actually defeated the Caped Crusader, locking him up and mocking him, though never breaking his spirit. The secret wars to follow were much more successful, maybe, but since they never happened, their glory was never writ. And the Cold War, so many years in the unfolding, was finally won when Superman Regan joined forces with Batman, who was secretly advising an avalanche of SDI spending, destined to send the bad guy into bankruptcy, and We Won! Except for the classic plot twist - Carrie pushes her hand through the grave, and now we're the ones with the spent military and decimated budget.

Really, who can understand our modern bad guys? Islamofascists? Hell, we might as well be fighting Freddy Kruger for all it matters. We don't even know when we win. Now the Russians, that's a different story. Today Rush talking about Stalin.

"They shall know ye by your enemies," Jesus didn't say, although I believe he may have muttered it at one time or another. "Today, we're all Georgians," McCain did say. I suspect that for the Old Chief, it may boil down to another heroic figure he embodies, confronting his nemesis.

"You complete me," that old Commie tells Batman, and then they engage in their dance of death, both hoping they both survive.


2008, Mark Hoback