A new controversy has erupted over comments made by the pastor of the Silver Springs Church of Christ, which Barack Obama was thinking about visiting this Sunday. A YouTube video posted on Monday night has already received over three million visitors and has gone into heavy rotation on FOX News.

In the video, the Reverend Jesus H Christ can clearly be heard saying 'Blessed are the cheese makers', which some see as an reference to the producers of crack cocaine. Mr Christ can also be seen rousing rabble and stirring up a general sense of  discontent. At times vile language is loudly spewed by members of the congregation, and in one scene, a parishioner is threatened with nasal disfigurement.

Conservatives were quick in their condemnation of Christ, attempting to link him to Obama.

"Obama was thinking about attending this church, and I say that's all we really need to know about him," said Bill O'Reily. "This Reverend Christ is another of the extremist left wing wackos that the Obama camp seems to delight in surrounding themselves with. Blessed are the meek, my tookus. Blessed is just about everyone with a vested interest in the status quo, as far as I can tell."



2008, Mark Hoback