At last we have an Evangelist who's willing to stand up and accept the consequences of his actions.

"I'm damned, as damned as damned can be," said Stuart Shepard, media director for Focus on the Family. "When I stood in front of the camera and asked for God to unleash the heavens and drench Obama during his acceptance speech, I was kind of making a little joke. If people took it seriously, I sincerely regret it. I guess that I learned something that I should have already known - God doesn't like funny. Hurricane Gustav is going to cause a lot of heartache, and I'm afraid there's nobody to blame but me."

"The man is an idiot. No, he's worse than an idiot," said radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh. "He could even be in cahoots with Howard Dean for all practical purposes. All I know for sure is that Stuart Shepard has provided the mainstream media with a good excuse to give even less coverage to the Republican Convention. I do agree with Shepard's conclusion, however. He is damned."

Focus on the Family director Bob Dobbs tried to comfort Shepard, telling him there were rumors that John McCain had been praying for a way to keep Bush and Cheney out of the convention, but Shepard refused to be consoled.

"Everybody knows that when I talk, God listens, and this time I crossed the line and said something that He was simply not amused by. The blame is all mine, and now I'm damned as a motherfucker. And there's no need to tell me to watch my language anymore. You can only go to hell once."