It's all so typical that the deed should require some heavy lifting, old George W doing his rah rah... We've got to act now and act fast or we're all gonna die, figuratively speaking. Or at least wish we were dead. Past is prologue, Saddam may be days away from deploying a nuklear bomb, so let's go let's go, and furthermore, let's roll.

Bittersweet memories. Bush is the guy with one song who always slays em on karaoke night - yeah, Eddie, I didn't think it could thrill me again but then when he gets that look on his face I feel the shivers and I leaves me a pantload. It's better than junk, and free too, just so hard when you score.

"See you Dems," he says, "you didn't listen too good to what I said this weekend, too much lollygaggin, gummin things up here. You gents got my package passed yet? Huh-uh? Son of a bitch. Dow has gone out and dropped a few hundred more points while you were out there pickin your ass. Did I say I needed 700 billion? Probably up to 730, 740 by now, I'll let my people know where to send your thank you note."

 I don't know, Eddie, he tells me seven bills, in and out, fix the economy up enough to make it look good on the teevee. Only he needs the money right now, and I don't know what the fuck I'm purchasing... It's like buying protection from the mob. Gimme your cash and we won't burn down your little store - not this month anyway. I mean, shouldn't I get a little more bang for my buck than that? And shouldn't I get a chance to see what's going on under the hood? Yeah, I know, I'm mixing my metaphors, look out Eddie, I'm gonna be sick.


2008, Mark Hoback