Bill Clinton practices the Melbourne Shuffle

The Barack Obama faced a new predicament today after former President Bill Clinton accepted his challenge to a dance competition.

I would be willing to engage in a dancing competition with him," said the first white black president at a town hall meeting in Greenville, "even though hes much thinner and younger than I am, but only if I got an age allowance.

Obama's handlers were nearly ready to meet with Clinton to discuss the possibility of bonus points when Clinton was spotted practicing at Le Pied Chaud Studio in Charleston.

"My God, the man was on fire," said June Renault, an instructor at the studio. "He said he wanted to learn a few new steps, but truth be told, he already knew more than I did, so I said he should just work with what he has. I mean, I put on 'Funky Cold Medina' and he mopped the floor with me."

Obama release a statement this afternoon saying that he was far too busy to dance, and besides "it wouldn't be fair for me to take advantage of an old man."


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