Speaking this morning at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton accused Barack Obama of campaigning in Mississippi.

"It doesn't make sense, on the face of it, spending time in Biloxi when he could be here in the great state of Pennsylvania. But I believe that to anyone who's been paying attention, an interesting pattern is beginning to emerge. Obama wants to win. Winning is all that matters to him. And so he imagines that if he can triumph in enough little chicken-shit states like Mississippi and Idaho, it can somehow compensate for his trampling by me in the places that matter, places like the great state of Pennsylvania."

Obama responded from Greensville, Mississippi, where he was attempting to eat breakfast at Buck's Diner (up I40, exit 137, third strip mall to your left).

"Chicken-shit, huh? She said chicken-shit." Obama chewed his turkey sausage reflectively, slicing the remaining meat with a determination not often seen in politics. "I'm going to have to eat some of these eggs and think on that one."

"Look up there," Obama exclaimed, dropping his toast in mid-bite in a successful maneuver to free his pointing finger. "Sinbad is on CNN! I thought that guy had dropped off the face of the earth."



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