A new 527-funded ad running in the battleground states of Florida, Missouri and North Carolina is the subject of condemnation by Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, who calls it socially irresponsible and morally reprehensible.

The 30 second spot proclaims November 3rd as "get a redneck drunk night" and features the tag line "they can't pull the lever if they can't see the ballot". The ad, which does not specifically refer to either party, also states that "a shot of tequila can help ensure a shot at the White House".

"This is a travesty and a disgrace," Duncan said of the ad, which was funded by the innocuously named Americans For Unity. "It's code language and it's none too subtle. In the South the terms redneck and Republican are tied pretty closely together. I mean that  in the sense that while not every Republican is a redneck, every redneck is a Republican. If free-spending Obama supporters take this advice, we're talking about thousands of drunken rednecks on our roads Monday night. Tuesday too. Once these old boys get started, it can be pretty hard to get them to stop."

While the Obama campaign disavows the ad, spokesman David Axelrod says the spot is relatively harmless.

"We do encourage our supporters to get out Monday night and have a light beer or two. And if they see one of their Republican friends, there's nothing wrong with reaching out in a spirit of unity and buying them a couple shots of tequila."

"Nevertheless," he adds, "we will have plenty of observers at the poll to ensure that the voting process isn't disrupted by a bunch of drunk rednecks."


2008, Mark Hoback