...and then there were only twelve or thirteen.

Former Virginia governor James Gilmore has ended his run for the Republican presidential nomination, citing lack of name and face recognition as a major factor. Funding may have also been a problem, as Gilmore has only raised $381,000 thus far this year, a figure which even Ron Paul laughs at.

"Sure, it's easy for Rep. Paul to laugh - there are people who can pick him out of a crowd." said departing Gilmore strategist James R Hawk. "It's a lot harder to raise money when nobody knows who you are. Our original plan was to use Virginia as our home base and then turn our attention Southward. But when our latest polls showed we only had a three percent recognition factor in Virginia, I just had to say, 'Governor, we've got a problem'. He says, 'I know we do, Jim Bob, now what are we gonna do about it?' So I tell him 'We ain't gonna do anything about it Jim cause my paycheck just bounced, and there's plenty of other political strategizing jobs out there for the taking right now'. And he says 'Don't quit me now, Jim Bob, my luck is gonna change, I can just feel it'. But he can't feel it, you know? I mean, he's been out of the governor's job for five years, and he's only got a three percent name recognition in the state? That's about as sorry as I need to think about."



2007, Mark Hoback