MSNBC announced this morning that they were revoking former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani's invitation to Thursday evenings Republican debate at Florida Atlantic University. Debate sponsors said that this was not meant as a slight to the former front-runner, but that it was a consequence of Giuliani not being able to reach and maintain the 5% threshold in the previous electoral contests.

"It's an arbitrary standard, but it's a fair standard," said chief of programming Ed Shusslefield. "Obviously, anyone who doesn't meet our standards is going to feel slighted, but this is the same criteria we used to deny Dennis Kucinich a platform, and it's the same criteria we used to deny Ron Paul."

Ironically, Ron Paul was asked to participate in this week's debate.

Romney responded quickly by holding a short press conference at 11 this morning, where he simply came out and glared at reporters, snorting derisively at all questions. Close observers noted that he had the word 'SLAVE' scrawled across his cheek.

"This is the same symbol used by Prince when he was fighting Warner Brothers," explained campaign aide Kathryn Hipke. "Prince wanted to make new music, and his corporate masters wouldn't allow him to do it. Well, Rudy Giuliani has a new tune of his own and he is fighting those same corporate masters. He wants to debate and they say no. It's bullshit. It's un-American. He felt that way when they excluded the others, he just forgot to mention it. He's not taking this lightly. You can see it written all over his face."



2008, Mark Hoback