Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke out in defense of his new campaign ad today after being accused by Mitt Romney of  'going too far in mixing religion and politics'.

"It's a bit much even for someone as devout as myself," said Romney, speaking to John Gibson of FOX News. "We're supposed to be selling ourselves on the issues, not on our religion. And I really resent the fact that he thought of it first."

Huckabee's ad, currently running in the early primary states, shows the candidate sitting in his living room while 'Silent Night' plays in the background. After asking  if viewers are getting fed up with political attack ads, he notes that December is also the time "to remember that what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Christ and being with our family and friends."

 Huckabee claims the ad was a harmless holiday greeting and not an example of shameless pandering. "For goodness sake, if we are so politically correct in this country that a person can't say enough of the nonsense with the political attack ads, could we please pause for a few days and say Merry Christmas to each other, then we're really, really in trouble as a country."

Catholic League President Bill Donahue says that the ad went 'far beyond wishing people a happy holiday'. He is particularly bothered by what appears to be an image of a winking Jesus in the background giving Huckabee a thumbs up.

Huckabee shrugged off the criticism, noting that Donahue had used the word 'holiday' instead of 'Christmas'. "If he wants to claim that certain light reflections are actually the image of... Let me just say this. Some people find the face of Christ in tortillas. But I will confess this: if you play the spot backwards, it does say 'Mitt is dead, Mitt is dead'."



2007, Mark Hoback