Oh hi, John, how ya doing? This is Huck. How'd ya like my Chinaman imitation? Not much? Ha. Say, I'm sure you know Little Rock, don't you? No? Well, there's this Chinese restaurant that Janet and I just love, down on Center Street, and uh, I'd love to take you and Cindy down there some time, get some Moo Goo Gai pork, get some Xiao Long Bao, do it up right. Anyway the name of the place is Lam Garden and the maitre'd, whenever you walk in, well you can't just walk in, of course, you need a reservation, but when he greets you, the maitre'd, he says "Welcome to Ram Garden," and that just gets us giggling, and cutting up... See, the real name is Lam Garden...

Of course I've got your cell phone number, you didn't think I'd lose it, did you? Remember, you gave it to me when you called to ask me to stick in the race and help you knock off Romney in South Carolina. Hey, that was some piece of teamwork, wasn't it partner? I... Oh, you did that from a pay phone? Huh. Well, I guess it was just a mutual friend then... Oh, come off it, John, of course we've got mutual friends... Yep, yep, we've all got a friend in Jesus.

So, the reason I was calling you was the debate... Boy, you sure haven't lost any of that legendary sense of humor have you? The Values Voters Debate in San Antonio. This Monday... Wow, you really must be busy if something as important as that's slipped your mind... Well, you know, we both need the support of the Values Voters, and... yeah, but John, if you don't show up, it's going to look like we aren't really a team... Ouch. Whew. That's brutal, Senator, but I'll take it in the sense of camaraderie that I know you intended... Okay, okay, no reason to blaspheme. Just promise me that you'll keep me on your dance card... Hello?... Hello?


2008, Mark Hoback