Emerging from the banks of Lake Dorrit with two enormous lunchfish, Republican candidate Mike Huckabee proceeded to feed approximately 500 hungry voters in the town of Kingston, New Hampshire.

"Those were fish of truly biblical proportions," said Rev. Wiley S. Drake, a Baptist preacher who is a strong supporter of the Huckabee candidacy. "But I still didn't think they were enough to feed a crowd like that. No way. But I guess I just didn't have enough faith, which is my bad, and I therefore readily accept any punishment that God sees fit to inflict upon me."

"I wouldn't really call it a miraculous event, just a delicious one," said Huckabee, who turned the lunchfish into a zesty chowder with the help of Chef Henry of the 1686 House. "After all, those oyster crackers didn't just fall down from the sky."


2007, Mark Hoback