Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee opened up like a lily this morning, admitting to Washington Post PostTalk that he has a deep seated fear, that should Mitt Romney happen to emerge as the GOP presidential candidate, unscrupulous Democrats like John Edwards would attempt to portray him as a flip-flopper.

Huckabee himself would be the last person on earth to call Romney a flip-flopper. "So true," says the Governor, shaking his head back and forth in a rather futile display of body language. "You know that music the kids like, the hip hop? I'd sooner call Mitt a hip-hopper than a flip-flopper, and it's as plain as the nose on his face that he's not a hip-hopper, at least not as far as I know, and he says he's not, neither hopper nor flopper. But that might not be the way that some of the far left liberals like John Edwards might present the situation to you."

"Let's assume everything is hunky dory with his views right now," Huckabee continued. "You know what hunky dory means? That's a code phrase that you use to... Whoops, what on earth am I saying here in front of the Washington Post?"

"Okay... the problem is not so much where Romney is but where he was and the fact that it's a change and not just on one issue but on a number of others. So others might say. What's problematic is that it does represent a dramatic shift and the obvious thing that a hunky dory Democrat opponent like John Edwards might do to him is to say he shifted once, will he shift again? I mean, what do you expect, they're like wild animals with four hundred dollar haircuts, you just can't breed it out of them."



2007, Mark Hoback