Senator Joe Lieberman was arrested late this morning after he apparently launched an ineffectual assault against former GOP candidate Mike Huckabee. Police arrived on the scene to find Lieberman swinging his tiny fists at Huckabee, while the governor held him off with a combination of fancy footwork and his admonition for God to "grant Joe the serenity to accept the things that Joe cannot change."

The attack came immediately after Huckabee had finished taping a segment of NBC's Meet The Press where he was called upon to defend John McCain during a panel discussion.  During the interview, Huckabee revealed that he would be tickled pink to be John McCain's running mate.

“Let me point out that all during the campaign, when I was his rival, not a running mate, there was no one who was more complimentary of him publicly and privately,” Huckabee told moderator Tim Russert.

"Nobody?" asked Russert, with a chuckle.

Police officials were not able to immediately identify the reason for this morning's scuffle.

"Senator Lieberman really wouldn't talk to us," said NYPD spokesman Sergeant O'Malley. "He just kept repeating 'He knows what he said' over and over. It appears to be a personal matter. Since Governor Huckabee doesn't want to press charges, we'll let him out this afternoon with a civil fine. He's getting off lucky - I'm sure the Governor could have taken him down with a couple of punches. Hell, I guess anybody could."


©2008, Mark Hoback