Vice President Dick Cheney wasted no time in responding to remarks by Joe Lieberman who revealed one of the Bush Administration's enhanced interrogation techniques in loose-lipped remarks made following his vote against limiting the CIA's right to obtain information by any means necessary.

"That's it, that's the last time we're telling Liebermouth anything," Cheney said to FOX News zombie Brit Hume. "We must have been crazy to have let him in on any state secrets. Oh yeah, sure he says that waterboarding isn't torture, now that we've admitted to it and stated unequivocally that it's no big deal. Thanks a lot, Joe. No wonder the Democrats don't want anything to do with you. Hey Brit, do me a favor, will you? Call him Joe Liebermouth from now on, and have all your guys do the same."

"What did I say," wailed a puzzled Liebermouth. "For the love of God, tell me what did I say? All I did was note that waterboarding was nothing but a psychological tool, and it wasn't like using burning coals and... oh. Oh. Lord do I ever have a big mouth. Well, at least I didn't mention ten-finger-piranha."



2008, Mark Hoback