Candidate John McCain was the recipient of good news on Friday, when a CBS/New York Times poll revealed that a full 19% of Americans believe that the country 'is on the right track'.

"Obviously this optimistic group is part of my core constituency," McCain said, speaking informally to reporters after delivering remarks at a Memphis ceremony commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. "The group I just finished addressing, not so much. From the reception I got, they wouldn't know optimism if it sneaked up and bit them on the ass."

McCain claims that the still contentious Democratic race is handing him a clear advantage. "While those two are still squabbling, I've got 19% of the popular vote in the bag. Now obviously I'm concerned about the other 81%, but I'm making critical inroads there as well. I've got 51% of the over 65 vote, nearly 75% of the people who think we haven't surged long and hard enough are in my corner, the list just goes on and on. And don't discount the votes of those who think there's no way that a woman or minority should be allowed within breathing room of the presidency. The turnout there could be huge."

"19% is impressive, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. My job here is to reach out and spread the message that sometimes it's better to be on the wrong track with the right conductor than it is to be on the right track with the wrong one."

2008, Mark Hoback