Attorney General Michael Mukasey was confirmed by the Senate last night by a vote was of 53-40, a move seen as so uncontroversial that it received only scant attention from the print and broadcast media.

Diane Feinstein spoke for much of the Senate, saying "I, for one, am certainly glad to get this vote out of the way, and I hope that the American people realize that things could have been a whole lot worse. If the people hadn't somewhat overwhelmingly voted in a Democratic Congress last November, the President just might have put Oliver North up for Attorney General, and we would have been powerless to stop it."

"Diane is right," said Senator Obama. "Right as rain. Michael Mukasey is a much better choice than Oliver North, although let me be clear on one thing - if I had bothered to vote, you can rest assured that I would have voted against him, because this country needs a leader who will stand up and vote for what's right, not someone who's willing to roll over and willingly accept whatever the administration wants to ram down our collective throats."

"Oh, poo," said Senator Clinton, who also failed to show up for the uncontroversial vote. "Unlike Senator Obama, who seems to be so willing to just bend over and take the mighty thrusts of this outlaw administration, I would have certainly voted in the negative. Not that I doubt that he would have followed suit. Still, it's all over now, and it's time for us to get back to the important job of caving in on funding for Iraq and Iran."

"Unlike my erstwhile opponents, I would have shown up to vote against Mukasey big time," said private citizen John Edwards. "And if I was still in office,  I would have given a speech that would have rattled the rafters with it's righteousness."



2007, Mark Hoback