Barack Obama yesterday launched his strongest attack yet on Hillary Clinton, accusing her of making a blatant attempt to win the election. She is running a textbook campaign, he suggested, adding that the textbook itself is flawed.

"It's a textbook that's all about winning elections but says nothing about how to bring the country together to solve problems."

"The landscape is rife with this sort of political maneuvering," Obama claimed. "In 2000, and again in 2004, George W Bush did everything in his power to win the election, and look what happened. He won, but no one would claim that he emerged with his integrity intact, the way that Gore and Kerry did. And looking back to the nineties, Bill Clinton also engaged in the politics of winning. I guess that was okay, but still."

Obama continued to demonstrate his integrity late into the evening, appearing on Saturday Night Live as a politician who had too much integrity to wear a costume to a Halloween party.