Uncatchable madman Osama bin Laden showed up on audiotape for the second day in a row, calling for a new Jihad in support of Palestine. "The nearest Jihad battlefield to support our people in Palestine is the battlefield of Iraq ... It should be taken care of and supported," he said, urging all available Syrian terrorists to come on down to Baghdad.

"This is just what we would expect to see from bin Laden at this point in time," said White House spokesman Dana Perino. "The Democratic Party cannot accept the good news that's been coming out of Iraq, so they've created a psychological environment whereby the only way they can win is for the country to lose. And we have no intention of losing, particularly when we can spin this story however the hell we want to."

This marks the first time that bin Laden has made statements at such close intervals. NBC Media Relations Vice President Cheryl Daly believes she understands bin Laden's reasoning.

"Anyway you slice it, yesterday's bin Laden statement was a dud, with him prattling on about those silly Mohammed cartoons and threatening the Vatican. Honestly, does anybody even remember those cartoons? I know I'd forgotten about them. I guess the real coup de grāce came when the Pope released a statement telling Osama to 'Bring it on', and saying that he would take him on mano y mano. That's got to be quite an embarrassment for a man who's been force to keep a less than impressive profile for years."

"We'll see if this gets any more publicity than yesterday's fiasco of a statement. I believe Olbermann had bin Laden as a runner up in last night's 'Worst Person in the World' segment, but that's about all the traction the story got."


©2008, Mark Hoback