Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who is described as Hillary Clinton's numero uno African-American follower in Pennsylvania, has told ABC news that he would definitely quit Jeremiah Wright's church if he were a member and Wright was still the pastor.

"Obviously this is very much a space and time issue," Nutter told ABC. "The space is self-evident. It's too darn far away. I can't very well  hop over to Chicago every time I want to go to church. Well, I suppose I could, but what would I tell the people of Philadelphia, home of some of the finest churches in the land? And the time factor - that's the same as the space factor, kind of. I'd be blowing my entire Sunday just to listen to some fool goddamning  America. The Phillies baseball season is just getting started, and I'm really looking forward to football this year, the Eagles are bouncing back, baby. So look here, Jeremiah Wright, I'm symbolically quitting your church, and I urge Barack Obama to do the same."

When told by ABC news that Obama always roots for the Cubs and the Bears, and that Wright's church is located right across from Morton's, within close walking distance of Soldiers field, Nutter seemed a bit taken aback.

"Damn, that's sweet," he said, measuring his words carefully. "But I've seen the YouTubes and I'd still quit. The Eagles are going to take it all the way this year."