Rudy Giuliani yesterday revealed to a bunch of Iowans that he is  ambivalent about whether or not waterboarding is a good thing.

The NYT reports that America's mayor told the corn-shuckers that It depends on how its done. It depends on the circumstances. It depends on who does it.

Unclear as to exactly what waterboarding is (the documentation has only been available since the Spanish Inquisition), Rudy did allow as to how if the practice was committed in the way reported by "the liberal media" (see also: "the torture hating media") it should should not be allowed, but then said that he seriously doubted that the liberal media has described the procedure correctly.

"Liberals paint this rosy scenario in which we have Muhammad and Akbar floating out in the sunny Caribbean and being waterboarded by Catherine Denueve. That's just wrong, that's coddling the terrorists, and unless you can show me that cock-teasing is an effective way of extracting information, then I think there should be an immediate end to the practice. On the other hand - and this is what I suspect - if waterboarding is nothing more than simulated drowning, I say go for it."


2007, Mark Hoback