"Holy shit, Sarge, look at the size of that crater!"

"Yes, it is quite a big hole, Rodriguez, a mighty massive hole. It seems pretty clear to me that something happened here."

"But what, Sarge, what? Did somebody drop an A-bomb on an unincorporated organized territory of the United States?"

"Highly unlikely, soldier, seeing as how we're both alive and looking at what appears to be a truly enormous hole. And who would dare attack us? Don't you remember 1944 and the Battle of Guam?"

"No, Sarge, I'm only nineteen. But if it wasn't an A-bomb, what could have possibly created such a stunning indentation in the very crust of the earth itself?"

"It must have been a meteor, Rodriguez. What other explanation could there be to explain a hole of such gargantuan proportions left by an object that leaves no visible evidence of it's existence?"

"Yeah... that's probably it. Sarge, what's that horrible odor? It smells like money burning..."



2008, Mark Hoback